The teachings of the Buddha to Laypeople: Majjhima Nikāya | The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha – Kinh trong Trung Bộ Kinh dành cho người tại gia

Total: 152 suttas; 47 to householders; plus, indirectly 3

[MN 04]
Pali: Bhayabherava Sutta
English: Bhayabherava Sutta: Fear and Dread
Vietnamese: Kinh Sợ hãi và khiếp đảm

[MN 14]
Pali: Cūḷadukkhakkhandha Sutta
English: The Shorter Discourse on the Mass of Suffering
Vietnamese: Tiểu kinh Khổ uẩn

[MN 18]
Pali: Madhupiṇḍika Sutta
English: The Honeyball
Vietnamese: Kinh Mật hoàn

[MN 27]
Pali: Cūḷahatthipadopama Sutta
English: The Shorter Discourse on the Simile of the Elephant’s Footprint
Vietnamese: Tiểu kinh Ví dụ dấu chân voi

[MN 30]
Pali: Cūḷasāropama Sutta
English: The Shorter Discourse on the Simile of the Heartwood
Vietnamese: Tiểu kinh Ví dụ lõi cây

[MN 35]
Pali: Cūḷasaccaka Sutta
English: The Shorter Discourse to Saccaka
Vietnamese: Tiểu kinh Saccaka

[MN 41]
Pali: Sāleyyaka Sutta
English: The Brahmins of Sālā
Vietnamese: Kinh Saleyyaka

[MN 42]
Pali: Verañjaka Sutta
English: The Brahmins of Verañja
Vietnamese: Kinh Veranjaka

[MN 44]
Pali: Cūḷavedalla Sutta
English: The Shorter Series of Questions and Answers
Vietnamese: Tiểu kinh Phương quảng

[MN 51]
Pali: Kandaraka Sutta
English: To Kandaraka
Vietnamese: Kinh Kandaraka

[MN 52]
Pali: Aṭṭhakanāgara Sutta
English: The Man from Aṭṭhakanāgara | Preached at Atthakanaagara
Vietnamese: Kinh Bát thành

[MN 53]
Pali: Sekha Sutta
English: The Disciple in Higher Training | The Trainer for Enlightenment
Vietnamese: Kinh Hữu học

[MN 54]
Pali: Potaliya Sutta
English: To Potaliya
Vietnamese: Kinh Potaliya

[MN 55]
Pali: Jīvaka Sutta
English: To Jīvaka | A discourse to Jeevaka the foster son of the Prince
Vietnamese: Kinh Jivaka

[MN 56]
Pali: Upāli Sutta
English: To Upāli | To the Householder Upaali
Vietnamese: Kinh Ưu-ba-ly

[MN 58]
Pali: Abhayarājakumāra Sutta
English: To Prince Abhaya | To the King’s son Abhaya
Vietnamese: Kinh Vương tử Vô-úy

[MN 59]
Pali: Bahuvedanīya Sutta
English: The Many Kinds of Feeling
Vietnamese: Kinh Nhiều cảm thọ

[MN 60]
Pali: Apaṇṇaka Sutta
English: The Incontrovertible Teaching
Vietnamese: Kinh Không gì chuyển hướng

[MN 78]
Pali: Samaṇamaṇḍikā Sutta
English: Samanamandika
Vietnamese: Kinh Samanamandika

[MN 81]
Pali: Ghaṭīkāra Sutta
English: Ghaṭīkāra the Potter
Vietnamese: Kinh Ghatikara

[MN 82]
Pali: Raṭṭhapāla Sutta
English: On Raṭṭhapāla
Vietnamese: Kinh Ratthapala

[MN 84]
Pali: Madhurā Sutta
English: At Madhurā
Vietnamese: Kinh Madhura

[MN 85]
Pali: Bodhirājakumāra Sutta
English: To Prince Bodhi
Vietnamese: Kinh Vương tử Bồ-đề

[MN 86]
Pali: Angulimāla Sutta
English: On Angulimāla
Vietnamese: Kinh Angulimala

[MN 87]
Pali: Piyajātika Sutta
English: Born from Those Who Are Dear | Loved Ones
Vietnamese: Kinh Ái sanh

[MN 88]
Pali: Bāhitika Sutta
English: The Cloak
Vietnamese: Kinh Bahitika

[MN 89]
Pali: Dhammacetiya Sutta
English: Monuments to the Dhamma
Vietnamese: Kinh Pháp trang nghiêm

[MN 90]
Pali: Kaṇṇakatthala Sutta
English: At Kaṇṇakatthala
Vietnamese: Kinh Kannakatthala

[MN 91]
Pali: Brahmāyu Sutta
English: Brahmayu
Vietnamese: Kinh Brahmayu

[MN 92]
Pali: Sela Sutta
English: To Sela
Vietnamese: Kinh Sela

[MN 93]
Pali: Assalāyana Sutta
English: To Assalayana
Vietnamese: Kinh Assalayana

[MN 94]
Pali: Ghoṭamukha Sutta
English: To Ghotamukha
Vietnamese: Kinh Ghotamukha

[MN 95]
Pali: Cankī Sutta
English: With Canki
Vietnamese: Kinh Canki

[MN 96]
Pali: Esukārī Sutta
English: To Esukari
Vietnamese: Kinh Esukari

[MN 97]
Pali: Dhānañjāni Sutta
English: To Dhananjani
Vietnamese: Kinh Dhananjani

[MN 98]
Pali: Vāseṭṭha Sutta
English: To Vasettha
Vietnamese: Kinh Vasettha

[MN 99]
Pali: Subha Sutta
English: To Subha
Vietnamese: Kinh Subha

[MN 100]
Pali: Sangārava Sutta
English: To Sangarava
Vietnamese: Kinh Sangarava

[MN 105]
Pali: Sunakkhatta Sutta
English: To Sunakkhatta
Vietnamese: Kinh Thiện tinh

[MN 107]
Pali: Gaṇakamoggallāna Sutta
English: To Ganaka Moggalana
Vietnamese: Kinh Ganaka Moggalana

[MN 108]
Pali: Gopakamoggallāna Sutta
English: With Gopaka Moggalana
Vietnamese: Kinh Gopaka Moggalana

[MN 114]
Pali: Sevitabbāsevitabba Sutta
English: To Be Cultivated and Not to Be Cultivated | Things that should and should not be practiced
Vietnamese: Kinh Nên hành trì, không nên hành trì

[MN 125]
Pali: Dantabhūmi Sutta
English: The Grade of the Tamed | The sphere of Training
Vietnamese: Kinh Ðiều ngự địa

[MN 126]
Pali: Bhūmija Sutta
English: Bhūmija
Vietnamese: Kinh Phù-di

[MN 127]
Pali: Anuruddha Sutta
English: Anuruddha
Vietnamese: Kinh A-na-luật

[MN 135]
Pali: Cūḷakammavibhanga Sutta
English: The Shorter Exposition of Action
Vietnamese: Tiểu kinh Nghiệp phân biệt

[MN 142]
Pali: Dakkhiṇāvibhanga Sutta
English: The Exposition of Offerings
Vietnamese: Kinh Phân biệt cúng dường

[MN 143]
Pali: Anāthapiṇḍikovāda Sutta
English: Advice to Anāthapiṇḍika
Vietnamese: Kinh Giáo giới Cấp Cô Ðộc

[MN 150]
Pali: Nagaravindeyya Sutta
English: To the Nagaravindans
– Vietnamese: Kinh Nói cho dân chúng Nagaravinda

[MN 152]
Pali: Indriyabhāvanā Sutta
English: The Development of the Faculties
Vietnamese: Kinh Căn tu tập

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