Guide to Tipitaka

The Vinaya Pitaka is made up of rules of discipline laid down for regulating the conduct of the Buddha’s disciples who have been admitted as bhikkhus and bhikkhunis into the Order. These rules embody authoritative injunctions of the Buddha on modes of conduct and restraints on both physical and verbal actions. They deal with transgressions of discipline, and with various categories of restraints and admonitions in accordance with the nature of the offence…

A Reference Guide to Buddhist Studies

Based on the second Koryŏ edition of the canon, the shukusatsu version is generally recognized as the most accurate modern edition available. Although one must provide citations to the Taishō edition as a standard operating procedure, whenever possible one should also consult this edition. A few texts are found only in this edition, most notably, the most complete collection (10 vols.) of yinyi 音義 (Jpn. ongi; i.e., traditional Chinese glossaries of Sanskrit terms transliterated into Chinese).