Khuddaka Nikàya – Short Collection – Tiểu Bộ Kinh

The Khuddaka Nikaya can easily be divided into two strata, one being early and the other late. The texts Sutta Nipata, Itivuttaka, Dhammapada, Therigatha (Theragatha), Udana and Jataka belong to the early stratum. The texts Khuddakapatha, Vimanavatthu, Petavatthu, Niddesa, Patisambhida, Apadana, Buddhavamsa and Cariyapitaka can be categorized in the later stratum

Pali Canon: Vinaya Piṭaka – Bộ Luật tạng

Vinaya Piṭaka regulates monastic life and the daily affairs of monks and nuns according to rules attributed to the Buddha. Giới luật quy định là bộ kinh điển sớm nhất quy định đời sống của Tăng Ni trong tăng đoàn

Pali Canon: Majjhima Nikaya – Kinh Trung Bộ

Majjhima Nikaya (“Medium [Length] Collection”; Sanskrit Madhyamagama), 152 suttas, some of them attributed to disciples, covering nearly all aspects of Buddhism. Included are texts dealing with monastic life, the excesses of asceticism, the evils of caste, Buddha’s debates with the Jains, and meditation, together with…

Pali Canon: Anguttara Nikaya – Kinh Tăng Chi Bộ

The Anguttara Nikaya also translated “Gradual Collection” or “Numerical Discourses” is a Buddhist scripture, the fourth of the five nikayas, or collections, in the Sutta Pitaka, which is one of the “three baskets” that comprise the Pali Tipitaka of Theravada Buddhism. This nikaya consists of several thousand discourses ascribed to the Buddha and his chief disciples arranged in eleven “books”, according to the number of dhamma items referenced in them…