Buddhist Dictionary By Nyanatiloka Mahathera – Cr, Cu, Cy

Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines,
By Nyanatiloka Mahathera


craving: taṇhā (q.v.), rāga (q.v.); further s. mūla.

created, the: saṅkhata (q.v.).


cuti-citta: ‘death-consciousness’, lit. ‘departing consciousness’, is one of the 14 functions of consciousness (viññāṇa-kicca q.v.).

cutūpapāta-ñāṇa: the ‘knowledge of the vanishing and reappearing’ (of beings) is identical with the divine eye; s. abhiññā.


cycle of existence: s. saṃsarā, vatta.

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