Buddhist Dictionary By Nyanatiloka Mahathera – Ac

Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines,
By Nyanatiloka Mahathera


access, Moment of: s. javana.

access-concentration: s. samādhi.

accumulation (of Kamma): āyūhana (q.v.).

āciṇṇakakamma: habitual kamma; s. kamma.

acinteyya : lit. ‘That which cannot or should not be thought, the unthinkable, incomprehensible, impenetrable, that which transcends the limits of thinking and over which therefore one should not ponder. These 4 unthinkables are: the sphere of a Buddha (buddha-visaya), of the meditative absorptions (jhāna-visaya), of kamma-result (kamma-vipāka), and brooding over the world (loka-cintā), especially over an absolute first beginning of it (s. A. IV, 77).

“Therefore, o monks, do not brood over the world as to whether it is eternal or temporal, limited or endless …. Such brooding, O monks, is senseless, has nothing to do with genuine pure conduct (s. ādibrahmacariyaka-sīla), does not lead to aversion, detachment, extinction, nor to peace, to full comprehension, enlightenment and Nibbāna, etc.” (S.LVI, 41).

acquired image (during concentration): s. nimitta, samādhi, kasiṇa.

action: kamma (q.v.) – Right bodily a.: sammā-kammanta; s. sacca (IV.4)

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